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Outsourcing Security

Outsourcing security services and replacing in-house staff presents both challenges and opportunities. While cost savings may be the catalyst for hiring an outside security firm, companies have other reasons and challenges to consider:


Corporate Headquarters

In a corporate headquarters, security personnel must provide security, while creating a favorable first impression of a company.



Healthcare facilities present two significant security challenges. First, privacy and other concerns require that many issues and events be handled with speed, care and discretion.



Educational facilities at all levels face seemingly contradictory objectives when it comes to security.

Commercial Real Estate

In office buildings and commercial facilities, security has the dual task of protecting the building and

the people within it.




Manufacturing facilities require monitoring and controlling a number of factors: employee access, manufacturing processes,

internal theft and protection of trade secrets, with a high volume of employees and vehicles entering and leaving 24/7. Security personnel must protect facilities, employees, vehicles and merchandise without hindering operations in any way.


The security issues involving guests and employees, including possible theft and potential union constraints, make hospitality security particularly challenging.




Before we hired our first employee, we looked at every aspect of acquiring and managing personnel: hiring, training, managing and motivating employees. Since then, we’ve continually refined our approach to ensure that Patriot Security employees are among the most motivated in the industry.

Residential Real Estate

Residential security personnel must serve many clients, including residents, property managers and governing boards. In addition, the first impression

of a community for most visitors and

prospective residents stems from the appearance, greeting and professionalism of gate security



Warehousing and Freight

Warehousing and freight operations combine the need to protect both people and property with a high level of unpredictable

traffic. In addition, services must be extremely cost-effective.


Banking and Finance

Companies in the banking and finance industry have to protect themselves and monitor security threats from both inside (employees) and outside (customers and hackers).


Special Markets

Unlike many security firms, we don’t have security “packages” or “levels” of service. What we do have is a

process of in-depth analysis and site inspection that ensures that every client and facility receives security

custom-tailored to their specific needs.


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